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UltraCorr 2020 just 55 Euro

Our latest, and possibly final, edition of the UltraCorr correspondence chess database, is the first and still the only CC collection to include over two million games!

Compare our bargain price of 55 Euro with the 189.90 Euro that ChessBase are asking for their 2020 correspondence database which, they say, only has just over 1.6 million games. Think what you could buy with the money you save!

UltraCorr 2020 has approximately 200,000 extra games compared with our 2019 edition. The new games come mostly from ICCF, the Lechenicher Schachserver and the free internet correspondence game server FICGS. There are also thousands from other sources.

Many important opening innovations are seen first in correspondence games.

Many active CC experts and masters play correspondence games with two or more organisations and you could easily overlook games by future opponents oif you only rely on ICCF's own database. Players' names have been standardised so far as possible because ICCF's own files have serious naming issues.

The current (version2) file includes ICCF games released up to the end of January 2020. If you wish to keep your copy up to date you will need to add ICCF games from February onwards (i.e., the file they released in early March).

Read John Elburg's review of UltraCorr2020. He says:

"If we compare it with the ChessBase Corr 2020 database from over 180 euro than the decision is easy made, Harding is over 135 euro cheaper and offers a small 524000 more games...Impressive made and overloaded with latest novelties!"

For how to buy UltraCorr2020, please see this file.

As last year, the UltraCorr database is supplied as an encrypted ChessBase archive (CBZ file) of about 204 MB size which you can download here.

When you open the file from within the ChessBase program, you will be prompted for the password. This will be emailed to you once we receive notification from PayPal that you have paid us.

When you enter the password we send you, ChessBase will expand the database to its constituent files. Large databases like this are easily corrupted if you edit them or add new games, so you should make a backup copy of the expanded database before doing any work with it.

We had hoped to launch UltraCorr2020 in January, but it was delayed due to the large amount of time we had to spend on the proofs of our new Steinitz book, and our participation in a FIDE Arbiter seminar at the end of January/early February. The delay had the advantage of enabling us to include games from ICCF and two other organisations which were completed in January this year, thus making it as up to date as possible.

UltraCorr 2020 is now on general sale at the remarkably cheap price of 55 Euro compared with ChessBase's correspondence database which has far fewer games.

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