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UltraCorr: "the best correspondence chess database in the world"

The 2022 edition of our UltraCorr correspondence chess database is now withdrawn from sale. This is because sales generally dry up mid-summer when few players are starting new tournaments.

So you will have to wait for the 2023 edition, expected to be ready mid-January.

One satisfied customer, Australian GM Max Illingworth (of the Illingworth Chess Academy), called our 2021 edition "... the best correspondence chess database in the world." He was one of the first to buy the new 2022 edition.

Our UltraCorr series is the only CC database edited by an acknowledged expert in chess history and correspondence chess. ICCF Senior International Master Tim Harding has already done many hours work on the 2023 edition but we always wait for various CC servers to release their annual archives before finalising the content.