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UltraCorr-2019: technical details

We strongly recommend you to download our database as a single encrypted ChessBase archive (CBZ format file) which is about 214MB in size. The password will be sent to you by email when we receive your payment, after which you can immediately open and use the database.

The CBZ file will expand to the full set of files comprising the database, taking up aboutt 640 MB of space on your hard drive.

Now go to the download page. Or pay for it first.

NOTE: It is good practice to make a complete backup of the whole database (for example on a portable hard drive or USB key) before using it for the first time. This ensures you can always recover the files in future. We do NOT advise trying to alter the database in any way, especially not in earlier CB versions. This is general ChessBase advice for all large databases.

UltraCorr 2019 was created in ChessBase 14 but of course it will work in the new ChessBase 15 too. It has been tested in ChessBase 10 and can even be read in ChessBase 8 and programs using ChessBase's Fritz interface. These earlier versions do not use all the subsidiary files.

It should also be possible to open and analyse games one at a time in Fritz but most database functions will not be available without the full ChessBase program.

It is also easily possible to convert the database to PGN for use with Aquarium and other chess software, as one customer has already confirmed to us.

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