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Latest version of our CC database

UltraCorr2019 is the best ever correspondence chess data file says John Elburg in his new review.

Our price of 55 Euro for a 1,950,000+ correspondence game database remains much lower than that charged by our rivals. Especially when you consider that UltraCorr was compiled by CC master and historian Tim Harding.

Why pay much more for ChessBase's database which has fewer games and was compiled months earlier?

Ultracorr-2019 should be downloaded as a single encrypted file (we send you the password when you pay). The database can also be bought on CD but we are not reducing the price of that, as it is much more work for us.

The database includes over 1,950,000 games, by about 123,000 players, played between the early 1800s and December 2018. More than 30,000 games have substantial annotations and about 100,000 have some light notes.

Games from ICCF are only part of the collection which also includes thousands of games from IECG (the full database), the BdF (German federation) server, IECC, FICGS, LSS and other modern and historic sources.

Read more about UltraCorr2019.

Technical points and Further notes.

Download the database.

Buy UltraCorrX-2019 and receive the password by email.

The history of UltraCorr databases

Tim Harding's correspondence chess databases used to be famous as the largest and most accurate collections of CC games to be made available.

Each was larger than the previous version and took months of work to compile, check, and edit. It is now seven years since the last revision.

Correspondence players need a reliable large database to prepare specifically for future opponents.

Over-the-board players need to consult a good CC database to see where computer-guided innovations have transformed many critical opening variations. The use of CC databases by several of the authors of Quality Chess books is testament to this.

A reliable CC database is also an important historical resource for chess historians.

Buy now or miss it forever!!

Ultracorr-2019 is available for purchase and download from this website only.

This database is only available in ChessBase format. We cannot supply in PGN because the file would be unmanageably large. However software can be used to convert it to PGN on your own computer.

There were four biannual editions of the MegaCorr series between 1999 and 2003, sold chiefly to subscribers of our printed magazine Chess Mail. After the magazine closed, we produced three editions of an even larger collection, Ultracorr, up to 2007.

After that we were too busy with historical research and writing to publish any more but we always kept our personal collection up to date. In the summer of 2017 we finally released a new version (UltraCorr-X) and kept improving it and adding to it up to March 2018. During that period we were improving the data quality and eliminating doubles, especially correcting erroneous data found in other published CC databases. For this 2019 release, we worked for three weeks over the Christmas and New Year periods to produce the current version, but we shall not have time to do this again for another 12 months.

It is impossible to make such a large database totally accurate and to eliminate all doubles but we believe that UltraCorrX-2019 is the most reliable database of correspondence games ever issued, of value to correspondence and over-the-board players alike.