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My chess tournaments as arbiter

Tim Harding is now a FIDE-licensed National Arbiter, having completed his qualification in August 2018. This means he is now qualified to officiate at FIDE-rated competitions and assist at title tournaments (not only in Ireland), though he will not have time to do that until later in 2019.

Tim has one norm so far towards the higher qualification of FIDE Arbiter. This was earned by acting as Assistant Arbiter at the Irish national blitz championships in September 2018.

He expects to earn two further norms by acting as Assistant Arbiter in upcoming international events of different types:

a) Irish International Open, April 2019. (For details of that event see our Irish news page.)

b) Glorney Gilbert Junior International team tournaments, to be held in Ireland, July 2019 (as long as there are at least six participating teams).

It will also be necessary to gain a final norm at a FIDE Arbiter Seminar (not yet arranged).

Tim is not currently available to act as an arbiter in other events, except in an emergency, but after completing his current writing project about Steinitz, he will return to active play and seek further opportunities to gain experience as an arbiter. Meanwhile Tim is practising with a fully-licensed copy of the Swiss Manager pairing program.