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Dr Tim Harding  
Editor: Dr Tim
  Tim's correspondence chess history

Tim's work in progress

Blackburne biography project

Tim is now starting to develop/ revive some new projects as the Blackburne book nears completion.

"Kibitzer hiatus" articles (summer 2014): These, along with other research articles by Tim, are likely to be developed into chapters of a book on chess history essays at some unspecified future date.

Steinitz in the U.K.: The ultimate aim here is to produce a fully-sourced database, and possibly a book, concerning Steinitz up to the point he first went to the USA (autumn 1882), including also other games played by Steinitz in England in later years (1883, and 1895-1899). So far available are two articles about Steinitz's visits to Ireland in 1865 and in 1881.

Tim's research queries (not recently updated)