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  Tim's correspondence chess history

Tim's work in progress

Tim has been developing some new projects to follow the success of his Blackburne biography and the publication of his new book British Chess Literature to 1914. Read more about that book here.

Steinitz in London: Tim's research for a new biography of Steinitz's early career has been resumed, with a view to a book that will probably appear in late 2019 or 2020. We recently returned from a research trip to the Royal Dutch Library in April and will start writing first drafts in May. This will be followed by visits to London, where we shall retrace Steinitz's steps and draw up maps of the city where the first World Champion lived for twenty years.

This book will cover Steinitz's chess career up to the point he first went to the USA (autumn 1882), including some newly-discovered games. There will be numerous corrections to many other games whose scores are incorrect in previous books and databases.

As a by-product, Tim hopes to eventually make available a fully-sourced and corrected database of Steinitz's games up to that point in his career, including also other games played by Steinitz in England in later years (1883, and 1895-1899).

I am trying to reconstruct, so far as possible, all Steinitz's movements outside London between his arrival in England in 1862 and his final departure over 20 years later.

If you find a game played by Steinitz in Britain which is not in the main databases and game collections, please send it to me. Readers can also help by supplying information from their local clubs and newspapers reporting the simultaneous displays and other adventures of both these great players.

Meanwhile, available here are two articles about Steinitz's visits to Ireland in 1865 and in 1881.

Essays on Chess History : Another project is to produce (perhaps as an e-book or print-to-order) a collection of my essays in chess history, which in some cases would be extensively updated, with a few new essays included. There are still some sections of my PhD thesis and past conference papers which have never been published in book or article form, including a major study of early Irish chess clubs and a biographical study of Lord George William Lyttelton, who was President of the first British Chess Association. This book would also probably include a section on more recent chess history.

Further ideas include the possibility of publishing e-books of some of my older books of which I have retained electronic rights. By all means, email with preference suggestions to help me prioritise.