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Seniors chess news

This year's FIDE World Senior Championships were played in Bled, Slovenia, from 18-29 November.

The new 65+ champions are GM Nona Gaprindashvili (women) and GM Vlastimil Jansa (Open). The 50+ champions are WGM Elvira Berend and GM Karen Movszisian.

Please read our full illustrated report.

Our calendar page has just undergone a major overhaul because the venues and dates for both the European Senior Individual and Team Championships have changed following the announcement of the Rhodes Chess Festival from 5-25 April 2019.

(This is NOT the same as the ACO amateur tournaments, run by a German company, which are also sometimes played in Rhodes. Those are strictly holiday events and not rated by FIDE. It seems that one of their amateur events will be played on the same island in late April so do not enter the wrong tournament!)

The Greek chess federation and experienced organiser Nikos Kalesis were originally to have staged two FIDE senior events, one in Halkidiki in April and the other in May at Iraklion, Crete. Those plans have changed for the better.

Mr. Kalesis has now arranged one hotel venue on the island of Rhodos for both the European Senior Individual Championships and the World Senior Team Championships, with a free excursion day in between, which is very convenient for players who have the time and money to attend both events. The FIDE European Amateur Championship will also form part of this festival, so that it is very attractive for families who also have younger chess players

The official regulations and entry forms for all three Rhodes competitions can be downloaded from our calendar page.

The European Senior Team Championships will still be held in Croatia, but in the autumn (instead of March) and perhaps at a more attractive venue than the one originally announced. There is still some confusion over this. Full details will be announced later.

There is no change (as yet anyway) to the venue or dates for the World Individual Senior Championships, due to be held in Romania in November, but it looks likely that the European tournaments will be more attractive in 2019. In Bled it was rumoured that FIDE will reduce the length of the world individual championships to nine rounds.

The FIDE Congress has awarded the 2020 World Senior Individual Championships to Italy, to be played in Assisi at dates yet to be announced. This is a historic and attractive venue, which we understand greatly restored after devastating earthquakes in 1997. We are relieved not to be going back to Acqui Terme.

Information about senior tournaments in Germany can now be found at this German Chess Federation web page. Note that the age qualification rule for German Senior events is usually 60+ for men and 55+ for women, but they may be changing to the international age groups.

Other Seniors Chess News

The Irish 50+ and 65+ Championship tournament will be held again from 2-6 January 2019 in Dublin. Both age groups play in the same 7-round FIDE-rated tournament held over five days. Anyone who qualifies on age can play but the Irish titles can only be won by IRL-registered players. See the Irish Chess Union website for more details. The inaugural 2018 tournament was well supported with almost 40 players over a wide range of ages.

Moves began last year to establish a FIDE Seniors Commission to improve conditions for 50+ and 65+ players in future FIDE competitions. A website was developed for this purpose; please read the statement there by former European Senior Champion, IM Jan Rooze. It is however unlikely that there will be any further developments until the FIDE elections in September.

If you have Seniors chess news you would like posted here, or announcements of future events, please email Tim Harding.


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