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Irish Correspondence Chess Association

The I.C.C.A. is the affiliate to the International Correspondence Chess Federation for Irish players, North and South.

There is no membership fee. Just apply to ICCF to be registered as an Irish player.

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Tim Harding retires today as Ireland's delegate to ICCF after 25 years. From 1 March he is handing over to CC-IM David Salter. Contact details for Mr. Salter can be found in the Nations & Zones information section on the ICCF website.

ICCA is therefore looking for new volunteers to assist in the organisation which is now largely dormant with few active players. We should like to find at least one player from the younger generation of players to assist David in this work. Please email Tim (see link on the left) if you are interested.

Currently registered Irish players should make their own tournament entry arrangements, paying entry fees through ICCF's direct entry system. ICCA receives a small percentage of entry fees to cover our affiliation costs and expenses.

New applicants will be referred to Ireland's new ICCF delegate who will verify your credentials to be registered as Irish.

Once your registration is confirmed, you will be free to enter ICCF tournaments, depending on your experience and rating. If you have a FIDE rating, please declare it; this will be used as your initial rating.