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Work in progress: later Steinitz games under examination

Steinitz in London is the fifth of Tim's books to be published by McFarland. In the photograph above, taken in 1873, Steinitz is seated left and Blackburne, the subject of his earlier biography, is the tall figure standing third from the right.

As explained in the first of a series of articles for this website, Tim has been using recently developed software to check all Steinitz games, especially the later ones which do not feature in his book. Articles about some Blackburne games will follow.

Tim is gradually preparing a total revision of his Blackburne biography but we do not expect any new edition to be ready for several years. In fact Tim is not preparing any new book at present.

Some more Blackburne games have been found and we have been making a thorough list of corrections to games which are wrong in many databases to add to text corrections which have been listed on this website for a long time. We also hope soon to be able to release new information about Blackburne's family.


Essays on Chess History : A possible project is to produce (perhaps as an e-book or print-to-order) a collection of essays in chess history, which in some cases would be extensively updated, with a few new essays included. There are still some sections of Tim's PhD thesis and past conference papers which have never been published in book or article form, including a major study of early Irish chess clubs and a biographical study of Lord George William Lyttelton, who was President of the first British Chess Association. This book might also include a section on more recent chess history.

Further ideas include the possibility of publishing e-books of some of my older books of which I have retained electronic rights. By all means, email with preference suggestions to help me prioritise.