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Historical correspondence players: some more photographs

cover image of bookTim's book, Correspondence Chess in Britain and Ireland, 1824-1987 was one of four titles shortlisted for the 2011 English Chess Federation Book of the Year award (though unfortunately it did not win).

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The cover is shown here. Below are three photographs which were sadly of insufficient quality to be used in print.

Extracts from reviews of the book.

More details about the book.

Some extra pictures:

Wine merchant George Brunton Fraser, organiser of Dundee 1867, one of the leading Scottish CC players of the 19th century and an important organiser of postal tournaments. In the book, Fraser appears in a group photograph. Railway clerk Joseph Henry Blake, the leading English correspondence player of the 1890s; also a strong OTB amateur player. He was a regular contributor to British Chess Magazine from the 1880s to the late 1930s.
Many English correspondence players and organisers attended the 1903 Southern Counties Union congress in Plymouth, where this picture was taken by a local photographer called Heath. Front left, with a hat and stick, is Exeter solicitor Charles James Lambert, a very active and successful postal player for many years. Master-strength amateur George Bellingham is seated on the floor, left, at the feet of R. F. B. Jones, a Dover newspaper proprietor, and Mrs. Rhoda Bowles (Womanhood chess editor and postal tournament organiser). Her husband. Henry Bowles is the shorter man behind Jones while chess writer C. T. Blanshard is on Jones’s left. The Rev. John Francis Welsh (later Bishop of Trinidad) is second right in the middle row; his relative F. J. Welsh is rear left. In the middle of the back row is W. P. MacBean, who started the Referee chess column in the early 1920s, and on his left is prominent London amateur W. H. Watts. Most of these people are discussed in my book.

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