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Ten questions about Eminent Victorian Chess Players answered

Answers to the following ten questions, and many others, may be found in this book, thanks to new research by Dr Tim Harding.

1. Which chess-playing clergyman bequeathed all his belongings and money to a woman who was not his wife?

2. Which British grandmaster was declared bankrupt?

3. Did Captain W. D. Evans really invent the three-coloured system of safety lights for shipping?

4. How many times did Joseph Henry Blackburne marry?

5. Who was the "amateur accountant" who tried to make Steinitz's life a misery in 1877?

6. What was the correct date of death of J. J. Löwenthal?

7. What did Howard Staunton's contract with Routledge for his work on Shakespeare really stipulate?

8. When did the first match between Zukertort and Blackburne begin?

9.What was the name of Henry Bird's wife?

10. What happened to the daughters of Amos Burn, who are not in the census of 1911?

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