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Tim's chess books


I have been a published chess author since 1973. The earlier books were of a technical or instructional nature; newer ones are historical.

My history of correspondence chess, published by McFarland in 2011, received many positive reviews. That was my first book since 2005. Eminent Victorian Chess Players was next, followed by Joseph Henry Blackburne. My study of chess literature (see image and link in the left hand panel) was published in 2018 and won an award. Publication of my latest book, Steinitz in London, was delayed by the pandemic but the book is now out.

Chess Mail Ltd. published four of my books, as well as Red Letters which I co-authored with Sergey Grodzensky.


My biography of Steinitz, which was published in hardcover in August 2020.

My Chess Bibliography

By now I have well over 30 titles to my name, several written with co-authors. The majority are no longer in print. In all cases I have retained the electronic rights and am considering how best to use these.

You can find my author pages on and Amazon (both as Tim Harding), and Amazon UK (as T. D. Harding). Reader reviews posted on these sites, especially of the two recent books, would be very welcome!

My chess history articles for journals are listed on my publications page.

I have listed the books I have written in reverse order, recent ones first. The five published by McFarland are the only ones in print.

Most of the older ones were published by B.T.Batsford of London; I only name the publisher where it was different.

  • Steinitz in London (McFarland, 2020). See detailed information on this website. ISBN 978-1-4766-6953-3.
  • British Chess Literature to 1914: A Handbook for Historians (McFarland, 2018). Winner of an award from the Chess Journalists of America. See detailed information on this website. ISBN 978-1-4766-6839-0.
  • Joseph Henry Blackburne: A Chess Biography (McFarland, 2015). See detailed information on this website. ISBN 978-0-7864-7473-8.
  • Eminent Victorian Chess Players: Ten Biographies (McFarland, April 2012). See detailed information on this website. ISBN 978-0-7864-6568-2.
  • Correspondence Chess in Britain and Ireland, 1824-1987 (McFarland, February 2011). See detailed information on this website. ISBN 978-0-7864-4553-0.
  • UltraCorr CD-ROM (Chess Mail Ltd., 2006). Followed by Ultracorr2 (2008), UltraCorr3 (2009), and UltraCorr3a (2010). No longer available but each January I produce a downloadable update.
  • The Write Move (Chess Mail Ltd., 2005) out of print.
  • MegaCorr4 CD-ROM (Chess Mail Ltd., 2005). No longer available; superseded by the Ultracorr series.
  • 50 Golden Chess Games (Chess Mail Ltd., 2004) out of print.
  • Red Letters with CC-GM Sergey Grodzensky, (Chess Mail Ltd., 2003) out of print. Book text in English (translation by Ken Neat). Grodzensky's Russian text as PDF on accompanying CD-Rom which also has a database and mini-website including photographs.
  • MegaCorr3 CD-ROM (Chess Mail Ltd., 2003)..
  • 64 Great Chess Games (Chess Mail Ltd., 2002) out of print.
  • The Total Marshall (CD-ROM) (Chess Mail Ltd., 2002).
  • MegaCorr2 CD-ROM (Chess Mail Ltd., 2001).
  • Counter Gambits (Dover edition; US $8.95. ISBN 0-486-41578-3).
  • Startling Correspondence Chess Miniatures (Chess Mail Ltd., 2000).
  • Why You Lose At Chess (Rewritten Dover edition of 1982 work; published March 16, 2001;. ISBN #0-486-41372-1).
  • MegaCorr CD-ROM (The Correspondence Chess Collection of the Century, Chess Mail Ltd., 1999).
  • Four Gambits To Beat The French (Chess Digest, 1998).
  • Correspondence Chess World CD-ROM (Chess Mail, 1998).
  • Chess Openings for the Average Player [with Leonard Barden] (reprint of the 1987 book).
  • Play The Evans Gambit [with Bernard Cafferty] (Cadogan, 1997; complete update of the work first published by Robert Hale in 1976).
  • Winning at Correspondence Chess (May 1996).
  • Better Chess For Average Players (Dover, 1996; Oxford University Press, 1977; also translated into German & published by Rowohlt as Besser Schachspielen, 1980).
  • Evans Gambit and a System v Two Knights Defense, Revised 2nd Ed Chess Digest, 1996; previous editions 1991 and 1983).
  • The Fighting Fajarowicz (Chess Digest, 1995).
  • The Classical French (1991).
  • The Marshall Attack [largely by GM John Nunn] (1989).
  • Dynamic White Openings AND Dynamic Black Defenses (Chess Digest 1989, based on 1986 work)
  • The Games of the World Correspondence Championships I-X (1987, extended edition of 1979 book).
  • Openings for the Club Player [with Leonard Barden] (1987, based on 1976 book).
  • Irregular Openings for the 1990's (Chess Digest 1986, based on 1974 booklet).
  • The New Chess Computer Book (Pergamon Press, 1985).
  • Ponziani Opening (Chess Digest 1984, based on a 1974 booklet).
  • Philidor's Defense, A Reappraisal (Chess Digest 1984, based on a 1973 booklet).
  • Why You Lose At Chess (1982; new Dover edition 2001).
  • Nimzowitsch Defence (1981).
  • The Chess Computer Book (Pergamon Press, 1981).
  • Queen's Gambit Declined: Semi-Slav [ed. A. J. Whiteley] (Batsford, 1981).
  • The Games of the World Correspondence Championships I-VII (1979).
  • French: MacCutcheon and Advance Lines (1979).
  • French: Classical Lines [with Wolfgang Heidenfeld] (1979).
  • Colle, London and Blackmar-Diemer Systems (1979).
  • Spanish (Ruy Lopez): Marshall (1977).
  • The Italian Game [with G.S.Botterill] (1977).
  • The Scotch [mostly by G.S.Botterill] (1977).
  • The Leningrad Dutch (1976).
  • The Batsford Guide To Chess Openings [with Leonard Barden] (1976).
  • Sicilian: …e5 [with P.R.Markland] (1976).
  • Vienna Opening (Chess Player, 1976).
  • The Sicilian Richter-Rauzer [with P.R.Markland] (1975).
  • The Sicilian Sozin [with G.S.Botterill & C.Kottnauer] (1974).
  • The Marshall Attack [with R.G.Wade] (My first Batsford book, 1974).
  • Counter Gambits (British Chess Magazine, 1974; reprinted by Dover, see above).
  • Bishop's Opening (Chess Player, 1973).