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Publications on chess history

My most recently published academic article on chess history, ‘A Fenian Pastime’?: early Irish board games and their identification with chess, appeared in issue 145 (nominally May 2010) of Irish Historical Studies. That journal is not available online but an earlier pre-publication version can be read in the Trinity College Dublin research publications archive. The November 2010 Kibitzer article discussed aspects of this topic in a less formal way.

Another journal article by me deals with chess columns in Victorian England. It appeared in Victorian Periodicals Review (Winter 2009 issue). Readers with access to the Project Muse e-journals can find it there. A pre-publication version (without illustrations) can also be found online in Trinity College Dublin's research archive.

In March 2010 I spoke on Victorian women's chess at the Institute of Historical Research in London. This paper has not yet been published but may be reworked for a journal or book chapter later, so I am not posting it here.

I am also considering how best to publish a full-length lecture about early Irish chess clubs which I gave at Queen's University Belfast.

My first publication in an academic journal appeared in 2005. Ireland's queen of chess: Frideswide Rowland and her world is in the volume History Studies 6 (University of Limerick, 2005); ISSN 1393-7782. Unavailable online.

Another academic article appeared in a book collection: Policeman on the case: early chess in Lancashire and the Preston Guardian chess column, 1879-83 in A. Brown and R. Spalding (eds.), Entertainment, Leisure and Identities (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007), pp. 50-65. ISBN 9-781847-182364.

My doctoral thesis is available online at the University of Dublin's archive of publications.

I have also written several articles for the occasional series Quarterly for Chess History, published by Moravian Chess.