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Seniors chess resumes in Germany

We had expected there to be no Seniors tournaments until at least August, because of the Covid19 pandemic, but (ending tomorrow) a tournament was played in Bavaria, Germany, with 36 competitors: the Open Senior Championship of Oberfranken. See our news page for details.

A few more tournaments for Senior players may go ahead in Germany from August onwards, but ACO has cancelled its seniors festival in Crete that had been scheduled for October.

We had thought that, because older people are particularly at risk of serious illness from the virus, it was very likely that many, if not all, the events for 50+ and 65+ players this year will be cancelled.

Evidently there is some pent-up demand to play again in Germany, but until a reliable vaccine is developed, tested and distributed it may be unwise for players over 60 years of age to fly abroad to play chess.

The World Senior Team Championships in Prague, which were supposed to be played over nine rounds during March, had to be halted after seven rounds.

Until now, there had been no more Seniors tournaments in Europe (or probably anywhere) since then. Everything else that we know of before August has now been postponed or cancelled.

Please read our Seniors news page for recent developments. See also our calendar page for listings of future events for players aged 50 or older.

All FIDE events are organised in two age categories, based on your age at 31 December in the year concerned.

For tournaments in 2020 the qualifying dates for the two FIDE age groups will be 31 December 1970 (for the 50+ Open and Women's tournaments) and 31 December 1955 for the 65+ championships.

Some senior tournaments (especially in Austria and Germany) are still run on the 60+ age group rule (sometimes 45+ and 55+ for women).

For correspondence players, ICCF starts annual Veterans World Cups each September. These are three-stage events. Your editor is currently playing a semifinal of the 10th VWC.