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Senior chess is growing!

This section of our website is for older players who are qualified to play in Senior over-the-board tournaments. These pages are updated monthly or whenever a major news item comes in.

Please read our Seniors news page for other recent developments, including FIDE's increased financial support for senior players.

Details of the World Senior Championships, to be played at Bucharest in November, can now be found on our calendar page. The regulations for the European Senior Team Championships can now also be found there.

FIDE announced earlier this year a new Swiss system event to be held later this year as a qualifier for the 2020 Candidates tournament, with a place reserved for the current World Senior Champions in the 50+ and 65+ age groups. This event will be played in October on the Isle of Man, UK. While it is unlikely that the Senior Champions will qualify for the Candidates, this is important and encouraging recognition for senior chess by the new leadership at FIDE.

In early January we played the Irish Senior Championship, finishing as joint 65+ champion. Before that we played in the 2018 World Senior Individual Championships held at Bled, Slovenia, 18-29 November. We met many old friends and previous opponents in both events. Our illustrated report on Bled replaces the reports on the 2017 championship and the last senior team championship.

Some senior tournaments (especially in Austria and Germany) are still run on the 60+ age group rule (sometimes 55+ for women). All FIDE events are organised in two age categories, based on your age at 31 December in the year concerned.

For tournaments in 2019 the qualifying dates for the two FIDE age groups are 31 December 1969 (for the 50+ Open and Women's tournaments) and 31 December 1954 for the 65+ championships.