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Senior chess is growing!

This section of our website is for older players who are qualified to play in Senior over-the-board tournaments. Our calendar and news pages are updated monthly or whenever a major news item comes in.

Please see our report about the World Senior Teams Championships (Senior Olympiad) held in Germany from 7-15 July. We met many old friends and previous opponents there.

Our next tournament will be the World Senior Individual Championships at Bled, Slovenia, in November.

This photograph shows Evgeni Vasiukov, the Russian grandmaster who died on 10 May at the age of 85.

This picture was taken during one of Vasiukov's games at the 2015 World Senior Championships at Acqui Terme, Italy. He was a regular competitor in seniors events in recent years.

Report on the 2017 World Senior Individual Championships with more photographs.

Some senior tournaments (especially in Germany) are still run on the 60+ age group rule, but FIDE events are organised in two age categories, based on your age at 31 December in the year concerned.

For tournaments in 2018 the qualifying dates for the two FIDE age groups are 31 December 1968 (for the 50+ Open and Women's tournaments) and 31 December 1953 for the 65+ championships.

For events in 2019 the qualifying years will be 1969 and 1954.