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UltraCorr 2024: version 2 now released

In mid-January we released our totally rebuilt 2024 edition of our UltraCorr correspondence chess game database, with more than two and a half million games. Now we bring you version 2 which has more than 20,000 extra games and many corrections.

The new games are from ICCF and FICGS (their games finished in January and February) and games finished in the second half of 2023 on LSS. The corrections are mostly to the Lechenicher Schachserver section of the database. They released a new edition of their games last month, but we found many errors in player names that we had to fix before we could reconcile their files with the first version of UltraCorr2024.

We believe our version 2 is the largest and most accurate database of CC games ever published; moreover, many thousands of the games are annotated.

The database is edited by chess historian and CC master Tim Harding. Its bargain price (60 Euro) is much lower than the rival product from ChessBase. UltraCorr2024 is not available for anywhere except this website.

John Elburg's review is now online.

Our UltraCorr series is the only CC database edited by an acknowledged expert in chess history and correspondence chess. This time we have completely rebuilt the database from our original sources instead of just adding new games to the old database so the accuracy and consistency should be even better than before.

You can download the database from this website (also see links below) and you can pay securely via PayPal. We will not see any of your financial or personal information except your email address which is needed for sending you the password.

IMPORTANT: We sometimes experience issues with PayPal when payments are not made by the chess player themselves but by a spouse or friend. In such cases we require an email from the player naming the PayPal account from which the money has been paid on their behalf. Always let us know if you want the database sent from a different address to the one PayPal uses.

Since correspondence players with ICCF and some other servers allow use of computer engines, top-level CC games of recent years often feature important opening innovations yet to be seen in OTB master play, and near-perfect middle-game tactics. UltraCorr2024 is the most complete collection of top CC play now available, and if you play CC yourself it is the best place to search for past games by your next opponents.

UltraCorr2024 (version 2) includes all the new games finished during 2023 on LSS, and as a bonus it has the January and February 2024 games from ICCF and FICGS edited to be compatible with the first version of UC2024. We also added a few historic gamesifound in the meantime.

Version 2 of our UltraCorr2024 database has over 2,570,000 games, about 125,000 more than our 2023 edition. These are largely recent games completed in 2023 or early 2024 but we also included the fruits of more historical research.

As usual, a considerable amount of work has been done to improve the player and event metadata and make it consistent for players who are active on more than one of the main CC platforms.

Our price of 60 Euro is the same as last year. Many past customers took advantage of time-limited discount offers which have now expired.

UltraCorr2024 is a ChessBase-format database which has been created using ChessBase16 to guarantee backwards compatibility for people using earlier versions (back as far as CB10 at least and probably to CB8) and other programs such as Fritz which use the same file format.

We are also, for the first time, offering our database in Chessbase 17's new 2CBH format.

To minimise confusion, we therefore have two different download pages, one for each format. You can obtain both versions if you wish, no need to pay twice, but they have different passwords.

Download page for the traditional CBH format.

Download page for the new 2CBH format(ChessBase 17 users only).

Users of CB17 can also convert the original CBH format to the new one within the program if they prefer. So if you don't have CB17 yet but buy it later, the conversion process takes only a few minutes.

Further information about UltraCorr2024 is available on this page.