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Analyses of 7-man endgames

This page lists and links to the various 7-man endgames analysed by Tim Harding with the invaluable assistance of the Lomonosov tablebase and "Probe" engine.

Two endgames added in June:

Knight and Pawns beat Bishop: Sorensen-Kolbak which decided the bronze medal at the recent European Senior Championship.

Rook versus Pawns: a simple example, Fressinet-Caruana from the Paris Grand Tour Rapid in early June.

Four endgames for February:

Bishop, Knight and Pawn beat Rook and Pawn: Harikrishna-Aravind from Gibraltar.

Knight & Pawn versus Bishop, Menna-Esserman from Gibraltar

Two misplayed R+2 v R+1 endings from Wijk aan Zee:

Connected Pawns: Nisipeanu-Adhiban

Split Pawns: Giri-Hou Yifan

Three endgames for January:

Rook and Pawn versus Bishop and Two: The defence fails

Rook versus Bishop and Two: The defence fails again

Rook and Two versus Rook and passed pawn (a little-known game absent from most databases)

Endgames for December, from the World Senior Championship in Italy:

Missed opportunity to save a knight endgame

Knight and two pawns win versus Bishop and pawn

Endgames for November:

Transition from queen ending to pawn ending (Yu Yangyi)

Double rook ending with extra B: Ding Liren v. Anish Giri

Endgames for October:

Knight against Rook's Pawns

Rook ending leading to Queen versus Rook

Endgames for September:

Rook versus Bishop from the 2015 British Championship

Knight versus Bishop: corresponding squares

Three endgames for August:

A tricky endgame won by GM Michael Adams

A runaway passed pawn from the 2015 British Championship

Winning with Rook, Knight & Pawn versus Rook & Knight

Three endgames were posted in July:

A Nakamura queen ending,

A classic Blackburne rook ending,

and a tricky knight endgame from a junior international team tournament played last month in Ireland.

The first two articles in the series are still available:

Two practical queen endgames.

A theoretical rook endgame.